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About This Project

17×22″ Archival pigment prints on Canson infinity rag photographique.

This set of three archival pigment prints were inspired by digital vs. analog visual signs. Digital codes are a set of linguistic components that are all distinct from each other like an alphabet. Analog codes are paradigms in which the units are not so easily defined such as music, dance, or the marks of a paint brush. Through these codes we begin to understand and interpret the signs before us. This piece acts as an exploration of these linguistic codes and semiotics and also an experiment on how meaning is formed and the exchange of information between the sign and the reader.

The visual elements used in this piece were gathered and collaged in a zine style (see bottom two photographs for process photos). After sources were gathered and collaged, they were scanned, digitally altered, and combined with other source materials to create the final work.

Digital / Analog Archival Pigment Prints

Graphic Design