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Located in the heart of Moiliili, Puck’s Alley is a high traffic shopping center for a wide demographic. There are 40 tenants in the 51,271-square-foot complex which was built in the 1960s and opened in 1973. The current building is outdated and is not reaching its’ full potential as it exists on the corner of a high traffic intersection in the center of a neighborhood filled with college students.


Inspired by the unexpected pathways of a maze and Puck’s mischievous nature, this logotype embodies the spirit and history of Puck’s Alley. Each letter is connected to its’ adjacent letter creating a network of pathways that weave together to create one form. The final logotype is custom and was created specifically for this project.

Logo Development

Many type styles and approaches were experimented with during the development of the logotype for Puck’s Alley. Several styles were developed including two script logotypes (1 & 2), inspired by the original Puck’s Alley logo. The original logo was very seventies inspired (when Puck’s Alley originally opened). A few modern variations were also developed with geometric shapes and cutouts inspired by mazes and the michevious spirit of the character Puck. These type studies led to a fully developed and cutomized logotype.

Color Scheme & Typography

Four main colors were chosen for this project. DIN Round OT is the main font for other signage and any body copy. This typeface relates to the modern look of the custom logotype with rounded sans serifs and a similar stroke weight.

The logotype and numbers were created specifically for this project.

Environmental Design

An updated map and directory will allow patrons to easily find where they want to go. A color coordinated system with icons and bus and parking information makes navigating the map simple.


The parking garage has been updated with new painted on graphic elements to bring visual interest into the space as well as allow drivers to easily navigate the garage. Puck’s Alley has three floors of parking so each section will be clearly marked for easy navigation.